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●  On average 2,457 annual sunshine hours (6.73hrs/day). Hawkes Bay averages 2,281 hours.

●  On average 649mm (25.5 inches) of annual rainfall fall in Marlborough.

●  Moderate diurnal temperature change – commonly a 10°C / 50°F range.

●  Māori refer to the region as “Kei puta te Wairau’ / The place with the hole in the cloud”Geography

Sub Regions

The Wairau Valley
Rapaura, Lower Wairau,
Conder’s Bend, Renwick,
Cool & Dry

The Southern Valleys
Ben Morven, Brancott,
Fairhall, Omaka, Waihopai
Cooler & Dryer

The Awatere Valley
Blind River, Seaview,
Redwood Pass
Coolest & Dryest

Wairau Valley

Southern Valley

Awatere Valley

Southern Coast