Our Story

Adorning every label on every bottle of Rapaura Springs wine is a simple symbol – a circle of rocks that signify the pure spring in our home vineyard in the heart of Marlborough, New Zealand. Our label and our name represent our intimate connection to the pristine waters that collect high in the Southern Alps and are gradually filtered beneath the region’s braided rivers, refreshing the deep underground aquifers that feed our vines, and bubble up in our own Rapaura Springs. Discover the Source.

Our Spring

The Rapaura Springs that run through our home are more than just a life force for our vines and a logo on our bottles. Their purity is a daily reminder to protect the water and land that make our wines exceptional. It takes months for the pure water from the snow-capped Southern Alps to make its way to our Rapaura Springs home vineyard, and for our vines to grow and bear fruit for harvest. That full cycle of nature defines our lives and shapes the way we live.

Explore Our Sustainability Story

To care for the environment, we work in and rely on, we’ve invested in cutting-edge irrigation technology and a multi-million-dollar water purification process that sees us use around 40% less water than the national average. And by composting grape marc, planting cover crops, and grazing sheep, we reduce waste while replenishing our land, so we can sustain future vintages and continue to craft award-winning wines.

Bold, delicious and individually unique, each bottle of Rapaura Springs is defined by nature. And every glass is a pure reflection of Marlborough, in all its sun-soaked glory.